This page is dedicated to the fun-loving spirit that unites Coconut Flyers everywhere...  
  Twilight at the Leeward Air Ranch... Coconut Tim Kirby and his Stearman make a low pass while laying a line of smoke.  
  Airshow performer and friend for 35+ years, Walt Pierce takes 885 up for a spin.
  Walt Pierce leaves his mark on 885 after his flight.  
  Wecome graffiti on 885 from Walt.   Walt promises to come back on a less rainy day and let us show him just how little we know about aerobatics.
Thanks Walt!


  Tim Kirby and Jon Rising enjoy an early-morning flight during Sun 'n Fun 2010.   Tim Kirby on an early-morning flight during Sun 'n Fun 2010.  
  Tim Kirby and Jon Rising enjoy an early-morning flight during Sun 'n Fun 2010.   Official Hangar Cat patiently waits for Coconut Tim to finish an important phone call before he continues his quest of protecting the hangar from small creatures.  
  Coconut Flyers Tim & Paige attend Chris & Gail Kirchner's Memorial Day get-together honoring those that gave so much to all of us.   What a great line up of World War II trainers.  
  All we can say to our veterans is "Thank You"   Good food and great people.  
  Thanks Chris & Gail.   Coconut Flyer Jon Rising's Stearman at work prior to restoration.  
  Coconut Flyers - spotted in Cancun!   Coconut Flyers headquarters in the Antique section of Sun 'n Fun 2010.  
  Coconut Flyers were honored to be asked to attend the First annual "Wings Over Flagler."   Jon & Tim with Sally Sherman, Flagler County Deputy Administrator and Julie Deily, Airport Office Manager.  
  Jon waiting for fuel... Thanks to Airport Manager Roy Seger and the Gang at Blue Sky Yakrobatics for putting on such a great event!   One of Morgan's Stearmans making a pass, earning a living the hard way.  
  Ernest Bradford poses with his trusty steed before what I'm sure is a long day of work ahead for him.   A big Coconut Flyer thanks to Ernest Bradford who flew N60885 until her last days as a crop duster and for providing these wonderful pictures.  
  Thanks to Ernest and all those that kept these birds preserved and flying, allowing us to restore them and keep them flying.   N60885 taking a break between loads at Morgan's Crop Service.  
  Coconut Tim Averett's Stearman parked with Tim Kirby's in the Vintage section at Sun 'n Fun 2007.   Stearman 644 opened up for the public to see.  
  The Sun 'n Fun 2007 Coconut Flyer's Command Post.   Tim Averett meets with Ed Midgley, the man that rebuilt Stearman 644 from a pile of busted parts.  
  Stearmans create acres of shade.   Juliana & Paige… Stearman pilot groupies.  
  Tim Kirby leads, Tim Averett on right wing and Eric Hinshaw on left wing with the 30's Waco that won best Silver Age at Sun 'n Fun 2007.   End of Sun 'n Fun 2007 sunset as seen from Kermit Week's Fantasy of Flight.  
  Looks like Coconut Flyer ground support vehicle received a promotion. Or is it really?   Coconut Tim and Paige prepare for Happy Hour at Sun 'n Fun.  
  Tim Averett provides frozen nourishment for 
Sun 'n Fun Coconuts.
  Mary Burel shows that being a Coconette can sometimes be dangerous.  
  Tim and Paige take a breather during Sun 'n Fun 2007.   Stearman 885 taxis back to the nest after judging at Sun 'n Fun 2007  
  Coconut Tims and Stearman groupies attend 2007 Warbird Awards night at Kermit Week's "Fantasy of Flight."   Coconut Flyers begin the process of nesting at Sun 'n Fun 2007  
  Stan Barry celebrates the sunset with Coconut Flyers at Sun 'n Fun 2007.   Coconut Flyers Director of finance inspecting possibilities of the next acquisition for Coconut Flyers.  
  Coconut Flyer crew enjoy some down time at Chalet Suzanne.   Coconuts Tim and Paige at Fantasy of Flight.  
  Coconuts Jon Rising and wife Lynn explore the mangroves while enroute to the Keys.      
  Coconut Tim gives photographer Sara Vathauer a good view of one of the many antique boats during the Ocean Reef Vintage Weekend.   Coconut Flyers invade Ocean Reef. Ocean Reef will never be the same  
  Coconut Crew enjoy some formation flying in the Keys.   Formation briefs are always long, drawn out, and 
time consuming. NOT!
  Tim Kirby and Paige Froom enjoy the weather at Thomasville, Ga.
Oct. 2005
  Tim and Jon take a check-ride after some performance upgrades to the Coconut Flyers golf cart.