Brian & Tonya on their yearly December visit. This calls for a Stearman ride!   There are some people in life that you just can't say "Thank You!" to enough. Brian & Tonya are two such people.
Coconut Flyer's most frequent flyer "Coconut Brian" Gilbert returns with wife Tonya for another flight in the Stearman   Rumor has it that he went on the river run this time.  Thanks again Brian and Tonya for including us in your vacation plans!
Retired Air Force Colonel Jon Eckert trades his G-Suit for a leather helmet on an open-cockpit biplane ride around the Coconut Flyers aerodrome.   Jon now has another aviation story to share with his F-15 and B-1 buddies at the officer's club. It was not the usual "fly-by-wire" experience!

Felipe mounts up for a T-6 ride with Jon Rising.
Thanks Jon

  Three high school classmates re-unite for the 4th of July and some fun flying. Felipe and Scot were treated to Stearman, RV-7 and T-6 flying. Next time I promise to change out of my work clothes.
Don Thompson is all smiles after his surprise Stearman ride.  And to think his family told him he had a irrigation job that a customer called him on.   Daughter Kristy and her son, celebrate the belated father's day/60th birthday gift from his family.
Winners of the Grace School silent auction, LeeAnne Drake and daughter Cavi cash in on their Coconut Flyers donation ride.   Mom and daughter are all smiles after their return from their Steaman flights.
Bert Beebe, his wife Patty, and friends. Bert cashes in on a valentine present from his lovely wife.   Bert Beebe gives a thumbs up after his Stearman ride. 
His quote? "It doesn't get any cooler than this." Thanks Bert, we feel the same way!.

15 year old Collin celebrates his birthday with a surprise Stearman ride, compliments of his parents and family.   Collin gives a thumbs up for his birthday ride. Thanks for sharing your special day with Coconut Flyers!
Henry Walsh prepares for his anniversary ride.   Henry Walsh celebrates his 25th wedding anniversary with an open-cockpit bi-plane ride gift from his wife. His quote: "This is the greatest thing I have ever done!"
Coconut Brian Gilbert returns from his second ride, his fist pump and big smile tell the story. Thanks Brian and his wife Tonya for their neon gifts for the hanger!   Marianne Prescott is all smiles after her open cockpit biplane ride.
Scott and Debbie Seeper arrange for Debbie's Mom, Marianne Prescott to take a ride in a vintage Stearman.   Pilot Coconut Tim Kirby and Marianne Prescott
Robert Little celebrates his "50th" birthday with a surprise gift from Wife Donna. A Coconut Flyers Biplane Ride!   Robert is all smiles after his Coconut Flyers Biplane Ride. His quote for the day? "I will be back!" Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day.
Former Military Helicopter Pilot John Buchanan prepares for a little fixed wing flying in the Stearman.   John Buchanan waves as Coconut Flyers makes a formation pass.  His quote: "It's amazing how quickly the flying comes back".  Good job John!
Snow Boyd prepares for a Coconut Flyer Stearman ride.   Snow Boyd and Jon Rising make a photo pass. Thanks to Snow and family for coming out on Friday.
Steve Nelson from Jacksonville cashes in on his birthday Stearman Ride, compliments of his sons.   
  Steve gives a thumbs up as he prepares for his ride. 
Steve gives a wave as Tim does a touch and go.    Steve and son Ross after Steve's Ride.  Son Scott was unable to attend. "It was everything I expected and more!"  Thanks for allowing Coconut Flyers to be a part of your special day.
Tim & Katheryne Stevenson of Charlotte NC, take some time to take a couple of Coconut Flyers Stearman rides.
  Katheryne chose Jon Rising's Army Air Corp Stearman for her ride.
Tim's take on his ride was, "Put a smile on my face."   Both Katheryne & Tim are licensed pilots and now may have a bit of the Stearman bug. Thanks Tim & Katheryne for sharing your day with us.
Tom Trewhella gets his father's day ride compliments of his wife Debbie and all their children.   Tom's comment: "It's the only way to fly!"

Adrienne Shortell was quoted as saying that Coconut Flyers had helped her fulfill part of a dream. Next in line is the Space Shuttle and a blimp. Not necessarily in that order.


Adrienne and Coconut Tim, all smiles after Adrienne's flight.



Dave and Adrienne Shortell pose after Adrienne's Stearman flight.

  Rick Hosking and Laurie Arnold helped to fulfill one of the dreams of Laurie's father Jim by giving him a Coconut Flyer Biplane ride.

Laurie's father Jim gives a thumbs up as he arrives back from his ride. When asked if he enjoyed his ride, his response was, "There should be bugs on my teeth from me smiling so much". Thanks To Rick and Laurie for
letting Coconut Flyers Be a part of their lives.

  Daniel Wright gives nurses Princetta and Suzanne a very special Coconut Flyer Christmas present. They both
received their first open cockpit bi-plane rides as a token of appreciation from Daniel. Thanks Daniel for letting Coconut Flyers be a part of your Christmas.

Nurse Suzanne


  Nurse Princetta
All the way from Germany - Jodchen Leimbrink completes his 50th birthday Stearman ride just as the rain settles in, all compliments of his wife Gili.   Jochen and wife Gili pose safely out of the rain after the completion of Jodchen's Stearman ride. Thanks for sharing your day with Coconut Flyers Gili & Jodchen!

Al Roberts celebrates his 85th birthday with the Coconut Flyers, compliments of Coconut Tim’s friend of 30+ years Don Greenwood and his wife Paula (who just happens to be Al’s daughter.)

  Al Roberts piloted the P-47 Thunderbolt and the P-51 Mustang in World War II.
Al is all smiles after his flight around the clouds.   Al Roberts (right) on Iwo Jima with his P-51 Mustang circa 1945
  Jackie Batten takes her Christmas ride in May, compliments of husband Ron. Thanks for waiting Jackie. Jackie's response to the ride, "I loved it!"   Jackie Batten prepares for her Christmas present ride in May.
  Paige's 6 year old daughter Taylor prepares for her first, open cockpit biplane ride.   Taylor thanks Coconut Tim with a hug for her ride, and said "This was the most awesome ride I have ever had since I started flying"  
  Linda Pearson gives a thumbs up prior to taking her Coconut Flyer's birthday ride, complenents of her husband Jerry.   Linda Pearson and husband Jerry celebrate Linda's birthday with Coconut Flyers.  
  Tom & family celebrate his 80th birthday with a Stearman ride.    Tom Marr gives a thumbs up before he departs on his ride, compliments of his family.  
  Coconut Tim takes Tom Marr in for a low photo pass.   Tom's Granddaughter Rachelle received a bonus ride from Jon Rising to help celebrate the special day.  Thanks Jon!  
  Paul Metz prepares to use his father’s day present from daughters Lynn & Britney. Quote from Paul: “When can I do it again?”   Paul Metz gives a wave to the camera as he begins his ride.  
  Paul Metz thanks pilot Tim Kirby for a memorable belated father's day flight.   Paul Metz and wife Rana pose for the camera after the ride.  
  Tim takes time to give good friend Jen Seip a ride out for lunch with the rest of the Coconut gang.    Jen is the daughter of Jim Seip, maker of exquisite aviation jewelry.   
  Brian Tyler awaits his Stearman ride. Compliments of girlfriend Chelsea.   Tim brings Bryan in for a photo pass.  
  Bryan Tyler gives a thumbs up. "When can I go up again?"   Bryan and Chelsea after Chelsea's gift of a Stearman ride on Bryan's 21st birthday. Thanks to both for letting Coconut Flyers be part of your special day. 
  Don Frank fulfills his life long dream to fly in an open cockpit biplane as a 75th birthday gift, compliments of his son Scott.   Don's comments: Nicest plane, nicest pilot I could ever ask for. Thanks Don and Scott!  
  Daniel Montano takes his 21st birthday gift of a Stearman ride, compliments of Erena Power and Coconut Flyer Jon Rising. Happy Birthday Daniel.   Erena doesn't feel left out of the celebration. She takes a flight as well with Coconut Flyer Tim.  
  Coconut Flyer Jon Rising brings Birthday Boy Daniel Montano down for a photo pass.   Tim Kirby makes a photo pass for a wave from Erena Power.  
  John and Erena   The Coconut Flyer gang and the birthday couple.  
  Charlie Young celebrates his 50th birthday with Coconut Flyers, compliments of his wife Cathy.    Mitch Buczkowski celebrates his 75th birthday with Coconut Flyers with a very special gift from his family.  
  Thanks Mitch and Family for letting Coconut Flyers be a part of this special day. Happy Birthday!   Coconut Flyer Jon Rising returns with "All smiles Cub Pilot" Andrea Froom.  
  TailWheel Hoefly shows what he thinks of Coconut Flyers, and that is exactly how Coconut Flyers feels about him.    Mary Doug Buchanan describes with one gesture how she feels about her Stearman ride!  
  Jack Buchanan prepares for his Coconut Flyer experience...   Coconette, Saylor Buchanan, sits atop the wings after her Grandma and Grandpa's Coconut Flyer rides.  
  Robert Della Gatta (left) celebrates his 50th birthday with a present from his family on June 17, 2004. His quote was "Up Up & Away... Dreams do come true." Congratulations from Coconut Flyers!   Local Attorney Katie Glynn takes a break from her law practice and show jumping to experience a new thrill." I love it, this could become addicting."  
  Former Governor Buddy MacKay and Tim Kirby prepare for Buddy's Coconut Flyer Stearman Birthday ride on March 22. The Stearman ride was a gift from his wife Anne.   Tim Kirby and Coconut Flyers provided the platform for 70+ year old Ralph Garrison to make an aerial entry to a St. Patty's Day Party South of Ocala on March 17th.  
  David Fisher and daughter Cody make their way to Thomasville, Ga. in his newly acquired Stearman.    Coconut Flyers was fortunate enough to find the airplane and give David his Stearman check out.   
  Donald Smith prepares to depart for Spartan School of Aeronautics to begin his career in aircraft maintenance by taking a Coconut Flyers Stearman ride. Best of luck to Donald!!   18 year old Sean Counts cashes in on his high school graduation present from Tim Kirby of Coconut Flyers. Sean is leaving for Embry-Riddle and he already has his commercial and instrument ratings.  Good Luck to Sean from all of us at Coconut Flyers !!  
  Big Gene Moore Completes his 82nd birthday flight with a Photo Session in WW II era attire   The Oldest Coconut of them all Gene Moore celebrates his 82nd Birthday by taking the Stearman around the patch a few times. Congrats to Big Gene!