A Little About Me -- Tim

I grew up an airline brat. My father started in Stearmans in Douglas, Ga, in 1941 and ended up with National Airlines through 1986. My love for Stearmans started at a very early age, seeing my father in old pictures and having him point out Stearmans at airshows . At sixteen I began working as an aircraft mechanic's helper, and that's also when I started my flying career. At 17, my father and I bought a Cessna 120, which I still have today. 

I then worked in the aircraft restoration business, building custom aircraft in Lake Placid, Florida where I earned my Airframe & Powerplant mechanics license in 1980. I also achieved my pilots licenses through Multi-Engine Instrument, Seaplane. I then attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

After graduation in 1983, I flew night freight in Convair 440's. I towed banners for a summer and then worked for a commuter airline in Atlanta. I was hired with Piedmont Airlines in 1985 and somewhere around 13,000 hours later I have flown the 737,727, 757 & 767. I have flown Captain on the DC-9, MD-80, 737, and most recently the Airbus 319,320, & 321. 

Why Do I Give Rides? I have been to many, many airshows and by far my biggest reward as a Stearman owner is being able to give back. Many people have inquired about "How can I get a ride?" I have given many rides and love the look on their faces when we first leave the ground.