The Coconut Flyers hangar specializes in antique aircraft restorations from the ground up. The 1941 Stearman N2S-3 flown by the Coconut Flyers underwent an award-winning restoration (2001 Sun 'N Fun Antique Grand Champion) in our facility by Tim Kirby. Tim is also available to do your restoration work including annuals & routine maintenance. (IA on staff)


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Tuskegee Airman Fuselage painted.  4 hours in the spray booth and two full coats of Imron.  The pictures really don't do it justice.   Tuskegee Airman Fuselage painted.  4 hours in the spray booth and two full coats of Imron.  The pictures really don't do it justice.
Fuselage being readied for prime then paint.
  Another spray booth full of Tuskegee Airman Stearman interior fuselage parts
Tuskegee Stearman fuselage clamps. Holy cow! I hope we remember where they all go.   Disassembled, primmed, scuffed and painted three coats of zinc chromate imron.  Ahhhhh...
All these parts just to make the rudder move and the brakes to work. 
Painting parts, unloading spray booth, loading parts, painting parts, it's like groundhog day.   Painting parts, unloading spray booth, loading parts, painting parts, it's like groundhog day.
Restoration hut update: Cessna 120: New baffles installed along with Chrome plated rocker box covers.
  New baffles installed along with Chrome plated rocker box covers.
Engine Install complete, just add oil and a propeller and we are on our way.    Right side completed as well.
Rising T-6 Engine mount, primmed and painted with three coats of imron.
  Oil tank getting yellowed, I mean really yellow.
Oil tank on the mount and on the stand.
  Old school lacing and all new hardware, lots of detail.
Left side view.  And so it begins.   Oil cooler painted and installed.
Air box before.   Air box after Coconut detailing is applied.  And three coats of primer and three coats of imron.
Coconut Tim tiddies up the engine compartment "Old School" with lacing cord. Lots and lots of lacing cord.   Jon does what Jon does best, ......prepares the prop for installation.
Engine compartment almost done, waiting for a prop to be hung.   Big step completed late in the evening.
I love when the big pieces go on.   Pre oiled and the last blades pulled through prior to test run.
Roll out for first test run on new engine installation.   Cowled and ready for it's test flight, paperwork in progress. Looking for a mid week test flight.
It's the detail work that takes so long.   Spinner located and installed.
Install the spinner, cowlings and then complete the paperwork,  hey, do we know where the spinner is?   Post installation congrats on the work completed by Tim & Jon.
Jon gives a thumbs up after a great test run.

  Test pilots mount up for the test flight after a 10 month firewall forward restoration. 
T-6 Engine installation.  All ready for an Engine.    Fresh from the can, a beautiful Aero Engine all ready to go.
On it's way.
  Almost there, just coming up on midnight.  All's quiet.
INSTALLED! Ta Daaaa! Now come the accessories and lots of hoses and lines. Oh yeah, maybe a prop.  Still painting little parts. Detail, Detail, Detail.  That's what we're all about.    Restoration Hut gets a room mate.  Coconut Flyer Mike Burke is the proud purchaser of a 1933 Curtis Travel Air, formally owned by Willie Ropp.
Congrates to Mike and his Wife Nancy.
Mike Burke's Travel Air back in the 60's. It was the star of "The White Baron," A local program on WCIX TV Miami.   Will get some outside day time shots next week.  For now, enjoy the Night Hanger shot.
T-6 firewall forward restoration is coming along nicely. The detail work is really starting to show. Tim is looking for a "See Through" cowling, it will be a shame to cover this beauty up.

  T-6 oil tank prior to three coats of primer then finish coat of polyurethane AN Yellow.
Jon seems to be a bit confused as to which way is forward with this Waco UPF-7 in for an annual.
  Worse than flying coach...
Busy times for Coconut Flyers, a full restoration Hut.   Tim goes on the road to lay out roundels for one of Herb Clark's customers. No decals for Tim...
Time consuming but worth every penny.   The finished product...
  BEFORE: Coconut Flyers Details another Stearman Engine.   AFTER: Exhaust shroud polished, new silicone valve cover gaskets, & new hardware all add to the time and effort spent to keep these aircraft flying.  
  As always, Coconut Flyers keeping several Stearman
owners happy with their maintenance program. 
  Stearman 885 in the hanger for some maintenance.  
  Tim Kirby and Jon Rising prepare a Stearman wing for a fresh paintjob.   Gene Moore supervises the cleaning and masking work on the upper surface of the wing.  
  The Coconut Flyers Stearman in the final stages of re-assembly just before Sun 'n Fun 2007.   The first picture of the new paint job!  
  Scott Sepper steadies a W670 for Bill Shaw's gorgeous Waco QCF-2. The QCF-2 arrived plagued with oil leaks.   Now with new seals, gaskets, and an oil pump change the oil leaks have been reduced to just a few drops. Here Tim takes the Waco for a test flight after engine installation. All systems check!  
  Tim Averett gets some quality custom work done at the Coconut Flyers Hanger.   Tim's Stearman N2S-3 now sports an extra large baggage compartment for those long cross country trips.   
  Coconut Flyer Dan "The Bug Man" Sommer gets new bungees on his 1936 Monocoupe 90A.   Dan celebrates his first flight after new bungee installation by making a pass at the moon.   
  Tim installs freshly overhauled J & B Engine for Aviation Attorney Jim Jarvis.   The craftsmanship of the woodwork is easily seen in this shot of the Stearman's wing ribs.  
  Canadian Harvard being prepped for wing attachment AD.   First part of T-6 wing attachment AD complete, zinc chromate is applied.  
  Gene Moore assists in completing the most recent
T-6 wing attachment AD.
  Tim test-flies the Harvard after complying with the Wing Attachment AD. Co-owner Jim Matthews occupies the backseat of this nearly perfect airplane.   
  Dr. Roger Sherman gets new side numbers installed on site in his hanger in Leesburg.   A quiet Coconut Flyers Hanger, almost full. Always room for one more project.