Air-to-Air Photo Shoot

by admin on February 16, 2011

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Hello everybody,  Wow!  What a great evening.   Photographer Dave Dillman came up on Thursday for an Air-to-Air photo shoot with Jon & Lynn Risings recently completed T-6.  Jon & Lynn spent at least a full day polishing and cleaning on the 6 to get it ready.  I think they must have polished a full coat of white speckles off the wings because they were almost blinding when they finished.

Anyway, Jon loaded up good friend Mike Peters and off we went.  Coconut Flyers don’t like flying with empty seats.  So first of all we have a really slow photo ship and a much faster photo subject.  With Dave squirming around in the front seat of the Stearman to get the perfect camera position, Jon and I found a happy speed that did not find him in a stall and me not overspeeding my engine.  Mike Peters is a pilot also. I would look back occasionally  and on several occasion it looked like  Mike Peters looking at the airspeed indicator and calling speeds to Jon.  Jon was really have to hang it out there at the slow speeds.  I kept thinking of Scotty on Star Trek telling Captain Kick, “Captain, I’m givin it all I got!”   I tried to put the rest of it when Scotty continues with “If we keep it up the engines are gonna take it!”

Anyway, Jon did a great job.  We flew round and round hunting for the perfect light and from the previews I’ve seen, I think we found it. North Central Florida orange groves, lakes and even some swamps along with the sun setting provided some great backdrops for some fantastic shots.  Back to the airport for some downhill smoke passes and the perfect ending to a great photo shoot.   Almost 600 shots to my understanding.  Thank goodness for digital technology.  Well, now we wait for Dave to perform his magic and get some of his work back to me.  As soon as it comes in I will get it out.  Billy Magamol captured these pictures before and after the shoot.  Thanks to Billy for the shots.

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