Coconut Flyers goes Metropolitan

by admin on March 6, 2011

This past weekend Coconut Flyers took to the road. Paige and I loaded up in the Coconut Flyers Executive transport, “A 1957 Nash Metropolitan” and took to the back roads of Florida. Temps in the 70’s not a cloud in the sky, what could possibly go wrong? Ahh, again, remember, plan for the worst, hope for the best seems to come to mind now looking back.

Anyway, off we went, Citra, Sparr, McIntosh, all my favorite little towns. The Nash always attracts lots of attention, waves, thumbs up and beeps from passers by. The most popular question whenever we stop is “Does it Float?” Nooo, that’s the Amphicar. Another very unique vehicle I would like to have. Nothing better than driving down the boat ramp on a busy Saturday afternoon and right out into the water. But not with the Nash.

Destination: Micanopy

So we pressed on, top down, little 1500cc engine purring along. Our destination: Micanopy. Some of you might remember this town as where Michael J. Fox filmed “Doc Hollywood”. Still quaint and a great place for a weekend adventure. Lots of antique shops and places to browse through. Next stop – “Blue Highway Pizza” Right on 441 in Micanopy. If you like pizza, they have gourmet pizza. We get “The Carne Combo” –  add mushroom, roasted garlic and onions on my half. A Long hammer IPA beer to keep us hydrated from being out in all the wind and sun. Hey, why does the guy with the BMW have to basically put his bumper on mine and then the Porsche boxer pin me into my parking space? I’m thinking some sort of complex they must have toward the natural beauty of the Nash.

The Gun Store

On our way again, what would an adventure be without a trip to a gun store? Paige is very patient. Take her on a nice adventure, feed her and give her a beer, she is up for anything. Time to begin our trek back to the big city of Ocala. Again, the back roads with their majestic trees and lack of cluster housing is always reassuring to me that there still are little patches of old Florida left to be enjoyed.

Running Flawlessly

Back in Ocala, Paige needs to make a brief grocery stop. The Nash has run flawlessly. Grocery needs completed, back in the Nash, it starts right up and quits. Starts again and quits. “Out of gas?” It can’t be. I mean I just put 4 gallons in this morning. So with Paige at the wheel I push the Nash to a nearby gas pump and add 2 gallons of gas. Typical male, pop the hood and stare, touch a few things and that should fix it right? Actually, nothing looked out of place but it was not getting fuel and frustration was setting in. Stuff happens when you deal with British made, 50 year old cars. Ugggg. Call my buddy Bob and he tows me home in shame. Calls to Nash experts are made and I find that the combination of long drives and hot temperatures can cause a vapor lock. So, as recommended, a few shots of prime and the little Nash cranked right up. Lesson learned. All in all a great day, I guess when you figure 6 hours of a great adventure with 30 minutes of stress at the end and a lesson learned is not a bad Sunday.

Next adventure will be to “Wings Over Flagler” on the East coast of Florida on March 26th & 27th. Always a good time for Coconut Flyers. Until then our Cessna 120 gets a freshly overhauled engine, I’ll let ya know how that goes. Clear Skies & Island Breezes.

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Kathie Dickens Webber March 18, 2011 at 10:43 pm

Timbo ::::::: Loved your adventurous story and had to laugh ….. That is a hot lil car and Paige sitting in it with you makes it even better ;O) Just took the same drive a couple months ago ……….. Love the real historic Florida we grew up in ……………. Glad you two made it home safely and had such a good time …………. You sound very happy ………. I have just after three yrs become happy too :O) Hugs to you and the gang :::::::: Miss the good old dayz hanging with Dad ………….. and you all ………… and driving Jillians scooter thru the bushes and up the wall ::::::: it WAS NOTTTTTTT HER FAULT cause I knew how to go but not how to stop :::::::::: Never forget your face and my Dads :O(((((( Sorry …….. Hugs always to a great guy ::::::::::::::: Kathie Dickens Webber

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